Aromatherapy Essential Oil Water-soluble Plant Aromatherapy Machine Oil

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Product Information:
Product Category: Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Skin Type: General
Shelf life: 3 years
made in China
Net content: 10ML (g/ml)

1style: Net content: 10ML (g/ml)
2style: rose 10ML,
3style: lavender (lavender) 10ML,
4style: Eucalyptus 10ML,
5style: peppermint 10ML,
6style: forest bath (forest bath) 10ML,
7style: Gardenia (gardenia) 10ML,
8style: orange (orange) 10ML,
9style: jasmine (jasmine) 10ML,
10style: sakura 10ML,
11style: lemon (lemon) 10ML,
12style: green tea (green tea) 10ML,
13style: ocean 10ML,
14style: Bergamot (Bergamot) 10ML,
15style: Vetiver (vetiver) 10ML,
16style: sandalwood (sandalwood) 10ML,
17style: White tea (White tea) 10ML,
18style: Ylang ylang ML,
19style: frankincense (frankincense) 10ML,
20style: Cinnamon (cinnamon) 10ML,
21style: Tea tree 10ML,
21style: clove (clove) 10ML,
22style: sage (Happy sage) 10ML,
23style: grapefruit (grapefruit) 10ML,
24style: Lemon grass (Lemon grass) 10ML,
25style: rosemary (rosemary) 10ML,
26style: Chamomile (chamomile) 10ML

Packing List:
Essential oil*1

Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions26 × 26 × 65 cm
Capacity size



19style, 1style, 3style, 24style, 20style, 9style, 15style, 25style, 21style, 12style, 4style, 6style, 18style, 5style, 23style, 11Style, 16style, 7style, 13style, 10style, 22style, 14style, 17style, 26style, 8style, 2style


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